Sunday, July 11, 2010

How the Writer's Invisible Mentor Can Help You

Attempting a Convincing Argument
In order to convince you that The Writer's Invisible Mentor (WIM) works, there are a few things I need to do. So, first I'll give you an idea of how the next few blog entries will attempt to do that. To show that my method works I will need to do the following things:

1. Convince you that every writer needs a mentor.
2. Talk about the reality of obtaining a real mentor.
3. Describe why all writers must learn to mentor themselves.
4. Detail how The Writer's Invisible Mentor(WIM) will guide all writers into mentoring themselves.
5. Convince you that mentoring yourself is the next, greatest and final leap that must be made to become a professional author.
6. Explain how the WIM defines great writing.
7. Describe what mentoring yourself will look like
8. Provide the specifics of how the entire plan works.
9. Tell you who I am. Why should you listen to me, if you've never heard of me?
10. Tell you who this blog will work for. What are the author's expectations of the book's readers?

Nothing To Lose
I aim to show you I can keep my promises. That's what these introductory blog entries are all about. So how about it? What have you got to lose? These entries are only so long and they're free. If I can't convince you that the Writer's Invisible Mentor can change your writing life, then you stop reading the blog you've only lost the few minutes it took to read it each day.

Big Gains
However, if I do convince you, then you gain knowledge that helps your writing grow like it never has.

The Alternative : If I'm Wrong
What if I am wrong? What if it is not possible to learn to write from books? Well, that would mean that there is an entire portion of the publishing industry built upon teaching people to write which is completely bogus.

If it is not possible to learn to write by reading books about writing, then all the publishers of the world who print such books should be shut down and all the books they've printed dumped into the *Mariana Trench.

*Deepest part of all the Earth's oceans – Located in the Pacific Ocean.

Maybe you're still not convinced. Maybe you've read a few of the terrible books about writing that are out there and you're a bit jaded.

I understand those feelings and they bring us to two things which are required to learn to write from books.
1.You must read the right books.
2.You must learn to mentor yourself.

In this blog entry let's just talk a bit about what the right books are. In my next entry we'll talk about the core of mentoring and the importance of learning how to mentor yourself.

The Right Books?
What are the right books? This is one of the places where the Writer's Invisible Mentor has a lot to offer. I have read and surveyed a large number of how to write books and I will point you toward the best parts of those books, which support my writing theories. Again, it's like a greatest hits list for writers who want to learn to write better.

Teaching At the Wrong Level
One of the main problems with many writing books is that they teach at the wrong level. They teach external exercises in an attempt at transformation.

The right books are the ones that teach writing techniques which change you internally as a writer, not only externally.

Internal Versus External Changes
What does internal mean and why does it matter? Internal means you gain knowledge which transforms your writing mind so that you no longer wonder whether your writing is good or not. Please note that I am not implying that you'll never write poorly again. I am saying that you'll know when you do. More than simply knowing when you do, you'll know why your writing isn't working and how to fix it.

Analyze Your Own Writing
After learning the techniques contained within the Writer's Invisible Mentor, you will be able to analyze your writing with a specific purpose. However, please understand this blog is not only about learning to analyze your writing. It is far more than that. That's why this book will help you transform yourself into a professional writer.

That brings us back to number two, from the list above.

You Must Learn to Mentor Yourself
Even though we'll delve much further into what it means to mentor yourself and how it is done, an initial explanation can be readily seen by comparing writing books to dieting books.

However, since this entry is becoming extremely long, we'll move on to this lesson next time.
See you tomorrow...

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