Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's This Blog About?

What's This Blog About? posted: 07/10/2010

Change Your Writing Life
When a reader picks up a book about writing (or reads a blog about writing), he wants one thing: To change his writing life.

That's what the Writer's Invisible Mentor (WIM) will help you do: Change your writing life. That may sound like a lofty goal and you may wonder if it is possible for a blog to help you do that.

Furthermore, isn't it terribly arrogant of me to make such a statement? It might be if I were to say it was all me. But this blog is more than just this blog. What do I mean by that?

How-to Greatest Hits
This book is more because it describes specific solutions and guides the reader through learning to write better fiction, but it also points the reader to the places where other authors have also written on these subjects.

Answering the Main Question
This brings us to one of the main questions that this book answers. It is the main question I set out to answer during my own quest.

Is It Possible To Learn To Write From Books?

This book answers the question: Is it possible to learn to write great fictional works by reading how-to-write books?

There are quite a few related questions such as the following:

  1. What are the details of a great fictional work? How do you measure it?

  2. Is it possible to learn to write from books and experience alone?

  3. Is it possible to learn to mentor yourself?

  4. Is it possible to learn how to allow books to mentor you?

Of course, I am suggesting all of these things are possible and The Writer's Invisible Mentor (WIM) will prove they are as it progresses.

There I go again with those strong statements.

Author's Promise
Now, I'll raise the ante again. If you'll stick with me and complete this chapter, I believe you'll be convinced that all of these things and more are possible. I'll also convince you that The Writer's Invisible Mentor (WIM) is the blog that will guide you into these possibilities. I promise the WIM will help you discover some truths about writing fiction, explained in new ways, that will open your eyes and enable you to make the leap from beginning, good, moderate or even great writer to professional writer.

Whew. I'm making a lot of promises. What you want to know is whether or not I can deliver.

Promises are like babies: easy to make, hard to deliver.

To find that out, you'll have to come back for the next few posts, because this is already way too long for a blog post. See you next time when I'll:

1. Describe the Invisible Mentor philosophy
2. Detail exactly how the method works.

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